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Spring Update

The Wilderness Project is Waiting for You this Spring!


The open sloped area between the fruit trees and the native boundary hedge is currently being planted with wild flower meadow seed and sown in sections.  The meadow planting is mainly perennial wild flowers, so it won't flower much this first year,  but we have sown some annual seed to flower this summer. The area has been taped off, so please don't walk through it as we need to get the meadow seed established quickly this year.

Richard has created a proper grass path above the fruit micro orchard and below the lower plots  and recently seeded with grass.

It provides a good viewing point onto the meadow and access along the lower plots, Please dont walk on it just yet the grass seed is taking slowly but needs time to grow in. The native hedge has taken and is slowly leafing up. The fruit trees are all doing well and coming into blossom. Zoe has planted some primroses and foxgloves from her own garden in the stumpery area and the muscari, snowdrops and winter aconites have been emerging during the winter.













Michael and Pam have been keeping the ash coppice area clear and built some beautiful bug hotels.




Chris and Carol planted a living willow screen in February in the Wilderness Project extension at 96a. It has taken and is growing despite the shallow soil which we will build up this year. A matching living willow seat has been built full of soil for the willow to grow and the structure finished off with a herb seat!


The living willow will provide more nectar for insects and create an enclosure for this area which we are developing as a seating / gathering point around a pond Michael has made from Keith's old bath!




Chris is planting dye plants for extra nectar diversity for insects. The willow screen will grow we hope and become fluffy with leaves through the summer attracting insects and birds.  It still needs lots of watering in during its first year so please do help us water it this year if you are nearby it needs plenty of moisture to get really well rooted.


The hazel coppice in the far corner still needs more clearing out as some rubbish is appearing which we dont want there. We wont get rid of all the ivy or nettles as thats an important nectar source,  but the idea is to keep it growing more neatly around the hazel bushes that have been planted. The blue bells should be out soon there